"Just a dream"


( All about you)  

" It hurts" "Paese" " Sogno"

Now that your gone"  

" Saddam" 

  What really am I




Am I what you want me to be

you are what I want you to be

they are what they think to be

But no one knows are heart and mind

just God knows

he reads our hearts

no matter what we are

We only have to have faith

in Jehovah and prey

for forgiveness for are sins

and love each day that goes by

just like Jesus did for us  






 "Just a dream"

How wonderful to be ,

next to a man that loves you very much.

He makes me very happy,

and when I am with him

I get goose bumps.

My eyes sparkle and are shinny,

I feel warmth all around me

I feel no pain,

I am not afraid .

Please dont tell me ,

it's a just a dream.....................


Being born is a magic moment

Which brings everyone together

Sadness is feeling which

no one wants to experience

happiness is a feeling which

everyone wants to share.

Pain is  a feeling  which  everyone wants to

love is beautiful, but too many times,
it turn to hate.

Life is unfair, and often to short.

We cannot change  what has been done,

all we can do is wake up,

to reality......................................



( All about you)

Ask me why I'm sad
I'm sad because of you,
you're on my mind  consistently
and you're not at all concerned,
try to be more honest ,with your self.
Just once in your life,
be thankful for what you have
share your feelings....
With someone who cares,
because life is too short to be sorry
and far apart,so try to reach my hand
and don't let go.............................................

" It hurts"


I never want to hurt you
more than you hurt me .
I cry with invisible tears
My wound never healed because of you
I must leave with little dignity
whatever is left of me.
Saying goodbye isn't easy
theres nothing else for me to say
or reason for me to stay.
All my love for you has fadded away
Nothing else for you and I .
My life without you is a puzzle
with a missing piece,
you can never replace what is lost..................



Paese mio, paese bello.
Quanti ricordi ho lasciato con te
Paese mio, paese bello,
non mi ricordo come fu la mia partenza.
Paese mio,paese bello
quanta tristezza c'e ancora in me ,
quante lacrime ho sprecato .
Paese mio, paese bello
se potessi ritornerei........................

" Sogno"
Come e`bello!
Essere accanto a un uomo
che ti ama.
Mi sento così felice,vederti qui con me.
e  quando sono con te,
mi vengono i  brividi sulla  pelle,
I miei occhi brillano
come stelle illuminate.
Mi sento così sicura
quando tu stai vicino a me,
Il mio cuore batte di gioia,
non soffro`piu`
la tua presenza mi da coraggio di vivere,
e di sperare nel nostro amore.
Non dirmi  "Che è solo un sogno",
perchè fa tanto male
domani se mi sveglio
vorrei che fosse realtà........................

"Now that your gone"

Promises that you made me,
I remember the time you said,
"you'll never leave me "
for better or worse, thats what
you always said.
Rembember the times you made me laugh,
and you held me in your arms.
I need you now more then ever before
I keep my promise to you
to love you forever till
death do us apart.
Life is unfair ,and it took
you away from me too soon,
now that your gone forever,
nobody can take your place
in my heart..........

" Saddam"

We want our freedom
in peace
from people like you
why cant'you leave us alone
and let our life go on
And try to be are our friend
for love of our children
because they have the right to live their lives too.
We suffer enough already
for what we deal with today
so please ,stop this war
before more innocent will die.
( So think about it)
God gave us life for reason
to enjoy and not destroy....................




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